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  • 翡翠池
  • 洪島
  • 老虎洞寺庙
  • Phi Phi Island
  • Thalay Wak
  • Nong Thale Canal
  • Koh Kai
Emerald Pool


翡翠池或“Sra Morakot'”在泰国是一个非常美妙的天然泳池,它的四周森林环绕,闪闪发光的清澈泉水源源不断地注入其中。翡翠池位于Khao Pra - Bang Khram 野生动物保护区,当地称为Khao Nor Chuchi 的低地森林,沿着4038号公路大概18公里就到Klong Thom.的 运河地区办公室。


Sra Morakot是一个近乎是一个圆形池子,1 - 2米深,直径约20 - 25米。当阳光洒在水面上,水就会变成浅绿色或翡翠色。

Sra Morakot的水来自被称为“蓝池”的倒影池,距离山顶600米远。含有硫磺的碱性水碱性水从蓝池井,流经岩石裂缝到达翡翠池。因此,水总是清澈见的,因为高碳酸钙会使所有的悬浮物沉淀。此外,藻类无法在这种水里生长。


Hong Island



Tiger Cave Temple



殿里的主题画像是佛陀形象和一个镀金的古旧望台矗立在悬崖顶上。从这里你能看到美到窒息的景色——北边的Khao Phanom Bencha(高番本查国家公园)若隐若现,,陡峭的喀斯特悬崖把Railay 从陆地切断并向西部抬升,使得甲米河的河口向南流入大海。在一个晴朗的日子里,你可以看到到皮皮岛的所有景观。

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is Thailand's island-superstar. It's been in the movies. It's the topic of conversation for travelers all over Thailand. For some, it's the only reason to touchdown in Phuket. Even with all the hype, it doesn't disappoint. Phi Phi's beauty is a large chunk of the allure. The islands, when approached by boat, rise from the sea like a fortress. Sheer cliffs tower overhead, then give way to beach-fronted jungle. It's love at first sight.

The second part of the why-we-love-this-place story is attitude: few places on the planet are this laid-back. Of the two islands, one is completely free of human inhabitants (Phi Phi Leh), and the other is without roads (Phi Phi Don). There's no schedule, no hustle-and-bustle, no reason to be in a hurry.

Thalay Wak

Thalay Wak is a natural attraction in Krabi that has the title “Unseen Thailand”, famous across the world. A natural phenomenon occurs that causes the seas to part. When the tide is low, a Y-shaped sandbank connecting 3 islands appears; Tup Island, Mor Island, and Chicken Island. When the tide rises, the sandbank disappears into the ocean.

Nong Thale Canal

Nong Thale Canal is located at the boundary between Moo (Avenue) 1 and Moo (Avenue) 4, Tambon Nong Thale, Muang District, Krabi Province. In the past, this canal was a small freshwater canal. It looked like a swamp full of small trees. About 10 years ago, there were overflow weirs in the middle of the canal to slow down the water to use during the dry season and provide tap water to the people. From small canyons and peat swamps, it became a large basin with an area of about 100 acres, a depth of about 5 meters, and a width of about 200 meters.Nowadays, "Nong Talay Canal" or "Klong Root" has become a new ecotourism destination in Krabi. Nong Thale Subdistrict Administrative Organization in conjunction with the village headmen and villagers helped develop the route to accommodate ecological tourists. By kayaking (canoe), go upstream and enjoy the scenic rocky structures; similar to a small mountain with tree stumps.

Koh Kai

Koh Kai (sometimes spelled Koh Gai or Koh Khai and meaning ‘Chicken Island’ in Thai), is also called Koh Hua Khawan or Koh Poda Nok. It is a small island belonging to the Poda group of islands located about eight kilometres from Ao Nang in the province of Krabi. Koh Kai takes its name from the chicken-shaped rock forming its southern tip. Most island-hopping tours from Krabi and Phuket make a short stop at this picturesque limestone chicken, giving visitors a cool photo opportunity.